Welcome to The Society!

Here are some quick tips to help you get the most out of your membership:

I’m so excited that you’ve joined The Society. I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish in your business!

I’d love to get to know you and your business better. Make sure you fill out this form if you haven’t already. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what happens in The Society each month and how you can jump in and get started:

Getting Started:

Join the group here (enter code DHQSociety in questions). This group is open for ongoing discussions and you are welcome to post questions at any time.  You’ll find a list of upcoming dates for the month pinned at the top of the group in the announcements section. This is also where our primary communication happens so I don’t bombard you with a million extra emails. (You WILL get at least monthly emails with upcoming dates though.)

Visit your Society Dashboard. This is where all training + mastermind call recordings are posted. You can find the next couple upcoming dates at the top.

Event dates: You can find event dates on the left sidebar of your dashboard, pinned at the top of the discussion group, and you can subscribe to the Society calendar here. You’ll also get an email each month with a list of upcoming dates.

You can access all live calls + trainings at this link: dietitianhq.com/zoom (also linked at the top of your dashboard).

What’s what:

Mastermind calls. The heart + soul of The Society. These are group calls on Zoom where we come together to tackle a particular question or struggle you have, or something you need feedback/ideas on. There are mulitple sessions each month – they’re the same, just offered at different times. Pick a session to come to and ask away! (No question? No worries, just come hang out and listen.) Recordings are posted at the bottom of your dashboard. Even if you can’t attend, listening to the recordings can be extremely helpful. The dates are listed in your Dashboard and pinned in the announcements section of the Facebook group.


Accountability check-ins. The week after the mastermind calls I’ll be checking in with you on whatever you were working on to see what progress you’ve made and if you need any additional support. (If you couldn’t make a call, just let me know what you’re working on!) This happens in the discussion group.


Office Hours. A dedicated place to ask questions in between mastermind sessions (or if you can’t make those calls). Office hours will always occur within the discussion group, and as often as possible I also hop on Zoom so we can chat through them live. I also encourage you to read and respond to other’s questions as well so we can all support each other.


Trainings/Workshops. We also have trainings on topics relevant to growing your nutrition business, either with a guest expert or myself.  At the end of the year we do an epic annual planning workshop to get all set for the upcoming year. These are on Zoom – you are invited to join in live, plus all sessions will be recorded and posted on your dashboard.


Peer Accountability. You have the option to be paired with an accountability partner(s). You can check in with each other as often as you’d like. Each month I post a thread in the group to remind you to check in with your partner(s) and let us all know what progress you’ve made. If you want a partner, look for the thread pinned in the announcements and comment on it so I can match you up.


Accomplishments. What’s better than sharing everything you’ve accomplished during the month?! This is when we celebrate what you’ve achieved!


Training archives. I snuck in a secret bonus for you. Typically you have access to the last 3 months’ worth of trainings, but as a “thanks” I also gave you access to the entire archives! You can  find it by clicking the Training Archives button on the left sidebar of your Dashboard.


The Profitable RD Freedom Framework training series. Access instantly here or from the link on your Dashboard.

ACTION ITEM: If you signed up for The Society with an email that’s different from the one you signed up for the masterclass or for DietitianHQ emails please let me know.

Phew that was a lot! Don’t be overwhelmed though, just pop on into the group and join in or start a conversation! I’m so glad to have you in the program and can’t wait to go on this exciting journey with you.


Can’t wait to see you on a mastermind call!