The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

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The ultimate guide to growing your nutrition business.

Attract more clients, streamline your strategy, put your marketing on auto-drive, and get back to LOVING what you do as a nutrition entrepreneur.

(online, with on-demand replay access for an entire year)

100% virtual

March 28-31st 2023

30.5 CEUs


Does this sound familiar? …

You’re overwhelmed with even where to start to build a business.

You’re frustrated with spending hour after hour marketing & putting yourself out there only to hear crickets. You thought running your own business would be fun & freeing, but you’re working more hours than ever for little return.

You’re hustling like crazy but still not booking nutrition clients. You’re throwing all you have into your business (and trying to be everywhere on social media!) but you’re just not making headway.

You crave freedom & flexibility. You’re in a profession where you can shape your career to look like your wildest dreams, but you’re too scared to take the leap or you lack the clarity to make your imagination a reality. Maybe you don’t love the 9 to 5 or 1-on-1 consults & hourly rates aren’t your thing.

You feel lost with all the moving parts of running a business. Piecing together systems. Creating lucrative packages. Building a website or email list that converts. It can be so overwhelming you quit before you’ve even gotten to the good stuff – changing lives.

you find yourself…

Wanting to make more money but you just don’t have any more hours left in your day or any more gas in your tank.

Feeling like you’re doing everything right, but just can’t land enough clients or income. You’ve read every tutorial and grabbed every freebie out there, yet you’re still unsure how to attract your ideal client and hone in on on your marketing.

Stuck. You want to get off the hamster wheel but you don’t know what to do to move your business forward without drowning in to-dos and overwhelm. 

What if I told you it didn't have to be like that?

We’ve all been there. But you don’t have to feel stuck. Instead of spending more valuable hours Googling and Facebooking trying to figure things out on your own, see exactly what other wildly successful RDs & nutrition entrepreneurs are doing to keep their businesses steadily booked without working 60-hour weeks.

The RD Entrepreneur Symposium puts an end to all that frustration. RD Entrepreneur Symposium

What People Are Saying

“…it was after the symposium that I finally felt like I had the base to really get things going. In the last two months, my gross income from my ‘side hustle’ private practice has been greater than full-time salaried position, all because the symposium gave me the confidence that I really could do this. Thank you for (100% literally) changing my life with what you’ve created!” 

Heather L.

The spring symposium was a major catalyst for beginning my business! Since the symposium, I have legally formed my business, begun marketing, and now have 5 clients! What a fun and wild ride it has been! Would absolutely not have had the courage to do this without the symposium. Left me empowered and feeling prepared to take those next steps!” 

Ashleigh P.

These are probably the most valuable CEUs I have gotten in my entire career.”


You’re ready to build that booming business of your dreams.

You can’t wait to have clients lining up and knocking on your door.

You’re so excited to be in charge of your own career, your own day, your own work life.

What are you waiting for?

The RD Entrepreneur Symposium is your answer. Confidently build your thriving career as a dietitian boss. It’s time for you to get in the driver’s seat and 29 experts are ready to help: 

✔️️ Magnetically attract clients that are the perfect fit for you so you have plenty of leftover time to spend with your family or doing your own thing

✔️️ Implement the most efficient proven and RD-tested strategies & systems to grow your business, leaving you the energy to feel excited and invigorated about what you do

✔️️ Stand out from the crowd & position yourself as the nutrition expert that you are

✔️️ Maximize your income and minimize your workload. Create the job you love for the life you love…for real.

What's better than the advice of one expert?

The advice of MANY. In this symposium you will learn from multiple experts that are walking the walk. These nutrition entrepreneurs are running 6 figure businesses and still have a life on the side. They have virtual practices, traditional practices, and completely nontraditional careers. They’ve got their marketing on auto-pilot, clients on waiting lists, group programs that practically run themselves. These are the professionals that are doing it right and they’re going to show you exactly how to do it.

29 masterclasses. A whole year to watch!). 30.5 CEUs.  Endless action.


Get all of this from the comfort of your living room

It’s like a CEU-worthy Netflix for RD bosses

You know how invigorating, inspiring, and educational conferences can be. But they’re also expensive – think admission, travel, hotel, food, childcare. Not to mention the time away from your nutrition business. (And when you’re self-employed there’s no employer to foot the bill!)

Well now you can get that knowledge and inspiration right from your living room with this online conference. Anytime you want, from wherever you want.

Let’s be clear. This isn’t a listen-and-run type of course. It’s intended for you to take action, right now. Cross those to-do’s off your list like a boss. Kick that fear to the curb. Follow the takeaways in each masterclass & you will see growth in your business.

Take your time with the material – once each presentation is released, you’ll have a whole year to watch it and take action as you go! (Although who doesn’t love a good deep-dive binge with hundreds of colleagues at the same time.)

rd entrepreneur symposium 2023 resources for dietitians

“I had no idea how much time I was wasting running my practice. I didn’t know how much I could automate – I wake up to new sessions booked without even doing anything. Now I have more time for doing the parts I actually like, counseling my clients. I’ve even made changes in the way I manage my to-do list and email both for work and personal life and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.” 


“The RD Entrepreneur Symposium was an instrumental piece in my professional and personal journey.  Each presentation was captivating and provided invaluable information. I looked forward to each and every presentation! I feel so fortunate to have found Heather and the Dietitian HQ.  I am forever grateful for the information and resources presented and provided to us, and I look forward to attending the next symposium! The RD Entrepreneur Symposium was worth every cent and then some, and has proven indispensable to me as I begin this next chapter as a business owner and entrepreneur.”

Heather S.

“Working with Heather [the host] absolutely turned my business around. I was ready to give up and within weeks of working with her I’d not only built a new online program but completely filled it. Better yet, I’m less stressed and lost that overwhelming cloud hanging over my head. I would have paid three times what I did if I’d known what outstanding results I’d get.” 

Sarah P.

2023 Masterclass Overview

Stacey Dunn-Emke

How to Confidently Set Your Rates and Contribute to Economic Justice with Your Business

Alissa Rumsey, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS

Do you struggle to confidently set and communicate your rates? Do you want to make your services accessible, while also building a sustainable business? In this presentation, you’ll learn 6 factors to consider when setting your prices along with common pricing mistakes and how to avoid them. Plus, she’ll discuss how to avoid weaponizing pricing psychology and share 10+ ways you can set up your business to contribute to economic justice.

Amy Plano

Recession Proof Your Business (by adding digital products to your portfolio)

Destini Copp, MBA, DBA

Want to recession proof your nutrition business by adding digital products (like an online course or membership) to your business portfolio? In this presentation, you’ll learn the five types of digital products that are perfect for nutrition business owners and how to choose the best one to start with so you can get started quickly and easily with minimal time and money investment.

How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant for Dietitians

Kathryn Durston & Erin Maceachron

Master the knowledge and skills you need to start making money as a virtual assistant for dietitians. It will cover what a VA is, what services you can provide, what the process looks like, and how to enhance your skills. They’ll also cover tangible advice for where to find clients and how to create a portfolio that actually captures leads using their tried and true method.

Using Keyword Research & Content Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Jeanette Kimszal, RDN, NLC

Learn how content marketing and keyword research can help you write blog posts that will drive potential clients and customers to your website. Jeanette will cover the vital elements of content marketing, how keyword research can get you clients without day-to-day intensive marketing, and she’ll demonstrate how to master keyword research with tutorials.

How to Find Writing Clients

Holly Larson, MS, RD

Where are all the writing clients hiding? Hollly will show you – this presentation walks you through exactly how to start your dream freelance writing nutrition business from dreaming big to starting your LLC and setting prices for your writing services. And then, through the power of cold-emailing, you’ll connect with your perfect clients.


Tamara Melton

Planning and Hosting Continuing Education Events as a Revenue Stream

Heather Caplan, RDN

This presentation highlights the basics of planning, directing, and hosting a continuing education event for fellow RDNs, as an additional revenue stream in your business. It covers considerations for hosting both in-person and virtual events, including costs, logistics, technology, venues, food, etc. Participants receive a variety of actionable tips for putting together a continuing education event, including how to work with sponsors, CDR applications for the CEUs, hiring/working with speakers (or hosting solo), and how to price and then sell the event to create a sustainable new income stream.

How to Increase Your Monthly Recurring Revenue with a Membership

Lisa Princic

If you’ve been wanting to grow your nutrition business with a membership program that provides lasting impact and recurring revenue, you won’t want to miss this presentation. Lisa shares the critical foundations all memberships need to survive for the next 5-10 years and thrive. Learn how memberships can be a great alternative or additon to 1:1 nutrition services.

Local Marketing Playbook: How We Hit $20k/month with Local Marketing And How You Can Too

Marissa Carlin, MS, RD, LDN & Dr. Javier A. Carlin, PT

By the end of this training you will have the step by step blueprint on what Marissa and Javier did to achieve $100k+ in a brand new city during their first year using local marketing strategies. This session will cover types of local marketing strategies, steps to grow your business, and weekly non-negotiables.

Launching Programs in Fitness Centers

Sohailla Digsby, RDN, LD

Are you interested in working in fitness centers or studios where there are potential clients who are already committed to getting healthy? First, you need to understand the culture in gym settings and what drives their programming. Then, you need to be aware of the tools and services that can get you in the door to launch programs and see clients 1-1 to boost your business. Learn the inside scoop from a seasoned fitness-pro RD.

How to Create a High Converting Landing Page for Your Program

Julie Cunningham, MPH, RD, CDCES, IBCLC

Rather be called “the lunch lady” than sit down and write a sales page for your next program? Julie used to feel that way, too, before she learned copywriting. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. Use her step-by-step formula and downloadable checklist to write a high-converting sales page in a snap, so you can sell your program and never get called “the lunch lady” again.

Serving Your Business with a Book

Jodi Brandon

This session will demonstrate the benefits of writing a book for your business (e.g., credibility and visibility), the foundational pieces needed before getting started (e.g., audience, book topic, goals), the publishing options available to determine which makes sense for you and your book (pros and cons, timelines, and investment), and how to build a writing and production schedule to get the book done while running a business.

Creating Multiple Revenue Streams to Earn 6 Figures

Amy Gorin, MS, RDN

Want to have four, five, or six revenue streams that all bring in significant income? Let’s talk multiple income streams. Amy has six revenue streams—the most lucrative of which are brand partnerships and online courses. Let her teach you how to set up these multiple revenue streams, in addition to your private practice or traditional dietitian job. Then watch your income double or triple.

Maximizing Your Long Form Video Content To Reach More People

Sara Kerr, RDN, LD

If you’re creating long form content like YouTube videos or podcast episodes, are you doing everything you can to maximze the use of that content? Sara is going to walk you through her creative process and provide you with tons of ideas of how you could stretch your main content further to save time and expand your reach, without loads more work.

Finding the Unique Passion Business From Within

Denine Rogers, MS, RD, LD, FAND

If you want to find out how you can align your passions with your nutrition business, then this presentation is for you. Make your passion into the nutrition business that you always wanted. There really is no better way to earn an income than by doing something you love. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a way you can turn that passion into profits.

Using Outsourcing to Add Income Streams and Sustain a Business You Love

Savannah Thaler, RDN

To grow and sustain a business long term, you’ll need to avoid burnout and responsibly delegate. We’ll dive into a wide range of ideas for outsourcing, specifically ways to add new income streams and/or grow your existing ones. Design your dream business and start by admitting you can’t (and shouldn’t!) be doing everything yourself. She’ll cover types of outsourcing, finding the right fit, and training and onboarding.

Self-Publishing on Amazon: Reaching an Untapped Audience

Liz Jalkiewicz, RDN, LDN

Participants will learn the steps involved with self-publishing on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing. Liz will cover Amazon SEO so you can increase your product ranking. No manuscript? No problem. This session will also review the profitable niche of creating low-content books – like journals, notebooks, and workbooks. Self-publishing on Amazon is a non-traditional way to have greater impact in reaching your ideal client while also creating an additional stream of passive income.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do: Creating Better Habits

Katie Dodd, MS, RDN, CSG, LD, FAND

What are the habits you do everyday regardless of the circumstances? These habits can make or break you when it comes to having success in your business and reaching your big goals and dreams. In this session, we’ll dive deep into auditing your habits and creating better ones.

Do Business Your Way: Goals, Pricing and Success with a Difference

Laura Jean, APD

As the entrepreneurial space evolves it’s becoming clear that ‘one size fits all’ and ‘it worked for me, do it my way’ approaches aren’t taking business owners like you where you want to go. It’s time to do things differently, to do things your values-driven way. Create a business that works for you. A business you actually want to work in. A business that supports your vision for success.

Lights, Camera, Cook!

Julie Lopez & Abbie Gellman

Learn how to set up your online cooking class or demo tech without the stress, so you can focus on presenting. From the basic to more advanced set ups, Lights, Camera, Cook will define what you need, how to set up, and all things tech to set you up for success. Honing this skill can expand your reach to provide culinary nutrition education.

Empower & Build Your Community With Engaging Culinary Offerings

Fallon Bader, MS, RDN

No matter what area you practice in, adding a culinary offering can be a great way to engage your audience. Cooking classes and demos allow you to build new partnerships, earn more revenue, and attract customers to your business. Fallon will show you how to build your network and seamlessly offer engaging culinary offerings, as sharing food is the best way to connect with your community.

Stacey Dunn-Emke

Navigating Burnout as a RD Entrepreneur

Jessica Serdikoff Romola, RDN

In an age where entrepreneurship can wind up glamorized on social media, too few are talking about the realities of a work life that often lacks boundaries, inherent structure, and support. In this presentation, Jess will help participants identify burnout; understand hustle culture’s influence over their lived experience as a business owner; and, of course, learn what we can do as individual business owners and as a collective to break the burnout cycle.

Amy Plano

How to Create Sales Pages That Sell for You

Jessica Freeman

Learn the best tactics to make your sales page more powerful and unique––so it sells FOR you! She’ll cover what elements to include, how to position them, and the best way to communicate the value of your offer. You’ll see examples of great sales page copy and design that convert, so you can implement on your own website right away.

Amy Plano

How to Develop Recipes that Really Work in Half the Time

Andrea C Kirkland, MS, RD

Posting original recipes on your blog and your social media accounts is an extremely effective marketing strategy. Plus, you can turn the skill into a lucrative side hustle. But with a jam-packed schedule, how do you make the time to develop them? The good news is that the process doesn’t have to be too time-consuming. Discover how to save time, your resources, and your sanity with proven practices from a recipe development pro.

Tamara Melton

Cultivate Confidence – The 10 Cs to Identify Your Calling and Build Your Brand

Amy Goodson, MS, RD, CSSD, LD

Many entrepreneurs have a desired destiny, but lack the confidence to get started and lay out a plan for growth. Clarifying your calling, gaining competence, developing character, communicating effectively, getting critiques, and more all play a role in creating a successful, thriving business. The 10 Cs are required to lay a foundation, but also to allow for growth. This session will help attendees identify the steps and skills necessary to have the dream career they want.

How to Support Your Clients When They Feel “Stuck”

Joyce Faraj-Ardura, PhD, MS, RDN, LDN

If you thought that the challenging part was getting clients, think again. Retaining clients long enough to support their transformations can be trickier without adequate counseling skills. I believe the counseling skills you have to help your clients tackle change are just as important as the nutrition knowledge you have to support them. In this masterclass, you’ll learn key strategies to help your clients get “unstuck”.

Level Up As A Leader: Exploring Ways To Honor Who You Are While Challenging Yourself To Be The Leader You CAN Be

Toni Marie Toledo, MPH, RDN

We will explore methods and pathways to foster, build, and bolster leadership skills as well as discuss the value of working with other professions and disciplines to expand leadership opportunities. We’ll explore ways to build and foster leadership skills, qualities and opportunities that honor your core values. We’ll discuss ways to explore inner strengths and areas for growth–and explore ways to be challenged and grow as a leader.

Sustainable Voices: Supporting Clinician Wellness Through Vocal Health, Time Management and Delegation

Rachel Naar, MS, RD, CDN

As healthcare professionals, we often put our patients’ needs before our own, leading to increased stress and burnout. Taking care of your own wellness can improve your quality of life and benefit your patients. In this presentation, we will discuss vocal health, time management, and delegation strategies. Attendees will leave with practical tools to prioritize their own wellness and overall effectiveness as providers.

The What, Who, Whys, and Hows of Incorporating Systems Biology Into Your Business Practice

Cindy H Carroll, MS, RDN, RN

Nutrition entrepreneurs are encouraged to find niches. It’s easy to become locked into one aspect of the body. But nutrients are not system limited, so nutritionists cannot afford to be either. More than any discipline in medicine, nutrition exemplifies the concepts of systems biology. Practicing with this mindset, even if you have a niche, catapults every aspect of your patient care and all media communication skills. 

How to “Babyproof” Your Business: Whether You Want to Have a Baby or Step Away

Dr. Heather Finley

You likely became an entrepreneur for freedom of time and finances. But now you might find yourself feeling chained to your business wondering why you decided to do this in the first place. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you learn the steps necessary to “babyproof” your business you can take intentional time away while your business continues to grow and your clients continue to be served. Babyproofing isn’t just for those desiring to become mothers–it’s for anyone who wants to have strategic systems in place when life throws a curve ball.

Heather Neal rd entrepreneur dietitian business training

Symposium Founder + Facilitator

Heather Neal, MS, RD, LDN, CLT

An avid nutrition entrepreneur, and creator of the Profitable RD Freedom Framework, Heather has been carving her way through this entrepreneurial life for over 14 years and her absolute favorite part of her career is that she gets to make it whatever she wants it to be. And that’s what she wants for you too: to take your nutrition career and turn it into the job of your dreams. Let the RD Entrepreneur Symposium help you do just that.


100% online recordings – anywhere, anytime!


Private discussion group to connect with speakers + other attendees 

30.5 pre-approved CEUs through CDR

Full YEAR to watch!

Instant access to on-demand recordings for one year.

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Where does this take place?

Anywhere you want it to! It’s 100% online and you’ll have instant access to on-demand recordings for a year so you can watch whenever, wherever you have internet.


Do I have to be a RD?

Nope! All nutrition professionals & nutrition business owners (or business hopefuls!) welcome. You just need a passion for nutrition + entrepreneurship.

Are CEUs provided?

Yes! Pre-approved through CDR for 30.5 CEUs, check back for updates

Performance Indicators:

11.4.1 Stays abreast of changing trends and technology in promotion, marketing and advertising products and services.
2.2.3 Delivers accurate and credible messaging.
3.1.6 Takes an active role in sharing information and knowledge.
9.3.5 Uses a variety of strategies to deliver education.

How long do I have to watch?

ONE YEAR. Sessions are released starting March 28th – a few more are released each day until March 31st. Once they’re released you can watch them any time you want! You’ll have on-demand access to all presentations for a full year.

When does registration open?

Registration opens March 16th 2023 and closes March 27th 2023.

I still have questions. Who can I ask?

Shoot an email to or DM at @dietitianhq

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