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The Society is open to Symposium attendees!

It’s a one of a kind mentorship and mastermind experience just for RD entrepreneurs.

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The RD Entrepreneur Symposium will load you up with trainings and IDEAS, oh my.

Now you need to put ’em into action – and have someone make sure you do it along the way.


Join the DietitianHQ Society for monthly mastermind sessions with fellow RD entrepreneurs, accountability check ins, and unlimited ongoing support and answers to your questions in a private discussion group.


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You know you want this: you want to be the boss. You want to run your own business, call the shots, and create your own schedule.

But something’s holding you back. Whether you’re unsure whether you have what it takes (you do), you’re not sure how to make it happen, or you lack the coaching + support to make it happen, the Dietitian HQ Society can help you finally make it happen.



Whether you’re working to build a business from the ground up, or taking the business you already have and making it grow or expand, this is the place for you. We not only focus on building a successful nutrition business, but building one that fits your ideal lifestyle, meaning we’ll also make sure you build a business you can scale and continue to grow, without adding to your workload.

Want to increase your income without sacrificing time with family or free time?
Let’s make it happen in The Society.
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“Heather is beyond helpful all the time- every time I ask a question or we have a mastermind session, she brings her years of business knowledge and wisdom to every answer and helps us work through our problems masterfully.

Marita Radloff, RD

Society Member, Sports Dietitian

“The Society has been an amazing resourcefor me – just in the mastermind sessions alone!! I love learning from the other members because we’re all in different phases of our business journey and I feel the support each time we meet.

I’m so grateful for a place where we can just hang out with like-minded RDs because it’s not as fun brainstorming alone (and I give myself awful advice).”

Chanel Love, RD

Society Member, IBS Dietitian

“Since joining I’ve brought on new clients, had several articles published, gained over 2000 followers on Instagram, and niched down my message… I’ve received so much support and have learned so much from this group. The trainings and calls are invaluable.”

Melissa Mitri, RD

Society Member, Intuitive Eating Dietitian

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