The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

How to Take Advantage of Black Friday or Other Holidays for Sales

with Samantha Scruggs, MS, RD, LDN

How to Take Advantage of Black Friday or Other Holidays for Sales


Samantha Scruggs, MS, RD, LDN

Samantha is a private nutrition practice owner who developed a second love of marketing. While she resisted the temptation to start a marketing business in addition to her brick and mortar practice, eventually the passion became too strong to ignore. She now offers marketing services and courses for health services providers, especially Dietitians. She still runs her private practice as well. She lives in Mount Holly NC with her husband, 3 daughters, and 2 cats, also female. She enjoys her estrogen dominated household way more than her husband.

What we’ll cover:

Why RDs should do Black Friday or Cyber Monday 

Crafting an offer people will love

Marketing the offer on social media


You can still make a difference in the world, there’s nothing wrong with selling nutrition during the holidays.

Great time because people are ready to buy. How are you going to make sure your offer speaks to what people are thinking about right now.

Messaging that gets people interested and buying.

7:29 Why Black Friday 

10:05 Why nutrition. Common objections: no one wants nutrition counseling during the holidays, no one wants counseling as a gift, I don’t know what to offer. 

It’s not what you’re offering that is keeping your Black Friday from being profitable. It’s how you position and package it.

“People still eat in December.”

The holidays work if you let them.

14:35 Creating an offer. How to create an offer that people want to buy when things are a little crazier. Need to speak to them in the place that they’re in during the holidays.

Offer vs Product. 

Offer – how you position your product in the marketing place (product, price, packaging, copy, launch) – what are people really buying (the result)

Product: the thing people get when they buy

19:30 Positioning examples (same product, 3 different offers, 3 upsells)

If someone has said yes once, it’s more likely that they’ll say yes again.

26:10 Step 1. Pick out a product, package it into something desirable for the season

Step 2. Do some market research and create an offer that aligns with the desires of your ideal client. 

Step 3. Create your landing pages, hook up the tech, offer it on social.

29:36 Key terminology and different “funnel” strategies to set up your offer

Microcommitments lead to bigger commitments

Freebie/opt in






One time offer

VSL (video sales letter)

37:56 CTA

38:40 Building your Black Friday funnel

Outline the customer experience

Ex: opt-in > thank you page tripwire > one click upsell > cross-selling email follow up > free phone call > goal = new PP client 

43:00 Ex: Tripwire 7/9.99 > one click upsell 49.99 > thank you page with one time offer > cross-selling email f/u > free video series/VSL with offer > Goal = course sale

This type of customer experience allows them to make smaller commitments before getting to the big one; warms them up.

46:21 Importance of audience priming

Goal: get people used to you and your offerings before shoving something down their throat

Gathering people into an audience for when they’re ready to buy (not when you’re ready for them to buy)

50:13 Examples of audience priming

51:12 Rule of 7

Save your data with your CTA – FB pixel