The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

with Kristy Runzer, CFP®

Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs


Kristy Runzer, CFP®

Kristy Runzer is the Financial Planner for Entrepreneurs and the founder of OnRoute Financial. She serves entrepreneurs who are tired of feeling like they’re not in control of their money and want to make strategic and intentional financial decisions to reach their goals.

What we’ll cover:

Laying your financial foundation

Creating your financial plan

Working your financial plan



Money carries emotion. Embarrassed, ashamed, stressed, judgment,  freedom,.

What does the process look like for creating a financial plan for life and business.

Looking forward with finances. Strategic and intentional to plan for future. MOney is a tool that can help us design and create this life and business that we love. Money is a tool that serves you.

How would you live if you had financial freedom and how can you step into the person today?

7:35 Lay your foundation, create your plan, work your plan

13:05 Lay your foundation: set clear money goals. Mindset : worthiness, dump the shoulds. Getting practical: think short, mid, and long term. Put some #s to your goals.

Organize your numbers: business: balance sheet (assets-debt = net with), profit loss: revenue – expenses = profit, bookkeeping software: quickbooks

Personal: assets + dept:, income and expenses: clarity money (free app)

29:00 Create your plan. Business planning: salary, profit, expenses, taxes, revenue

Personal: savings + investing, debt repayment, retirement, tax planning, estate planning, insurance planning

40:48 Work your plan: start taking action right away, regular check ins., create financial processes

50:00 mindset reminders