The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

The Power of Email Marketing for RDs

with Liz Burkland, RD, LD, CDCES

The Power of Email Marketing for RDs


Liz Burkland, RD, LD, CDCES

Liz Burkland, RD, LD, CDCES is a freelance writer and owner of Thyme Savings. Liz writes for health and wellness entrepreneurs, helping them increase engagement with ideal clients, create authority in their brand, and make more sales. She has helped clients increase email engagement to 48% and improve sales by 25%.

What we’ll cover:

Why email is so powerful

Top mistakes RDs make with email marketing

Types of emails to include in your marketing strategy.



Cover: why email is powerful, top mistakes, types of emails you should be including in your marketing strategy.

Why email is powerful

$1 spent on email = $42 roi

Higher conversion rates

6% fb vs 20-30% email

3:53 Mistakes

8:58 Strategies

Email newsletters: set schedule, make personal, variety, write like you talk

13:35 Round up emails

15:16 Email sequences: welcome, re-engagement, launch. 4-7 emails 1-2 days apart.

17:12 Welcome sequence

Goal: introductions and initial offer, set up expectations, share yourself, transformation stories, 1-2 quick wins, CTAs, put subscriber in general list

19:59 Re-engagement sequence

Goal: warm audience back up, clean up list after sequence (is it time to break up?)

23:27 Launch sequence

Goal: get readers to purchase, include personal stories, testimonials, benefits, Q+A, limited time offer, bonus

26:19 Take action