The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

How to Boost Profit by Creating a Client-Centered Business

with Cierra Robbins, RD, LDN, CPT

How to Boost Profit by Creating a Client-Centered Business


Cierra Robbins, RD, LDN, CPT

Cierra Robbins is a Dietitian and Business Strategist for RDs. In her business, Robbins Collective, Cierra helps RDs scale their money-making services and courses without the overwhelm with expertise in project management and operations.

What we’ll cover:

How to make happy clients

Creating a client centered experience

Increasing leads and sales.



Bring in more clients, make them happy, bring in more profit

How to make happy clients, create a client centered experience, leave a great first impression, and increase leads and sales.

3:15 Why happy clients matter, how to make them happy – keeps around longer, increases referrals

5:45 Referrals are a game changer (easier, faster sales, already trust you)

6:43 Creating an exceptional client centered experience: marketing, selling, onboarding, delivery

7:55 Marketing to happy clients: clear + targeted messaging, marketing where the client is looking, speak to their deepest desires, paint the picture of transformation, clear what you do

11:50 Selling to happy clients: make it easy and clear to get started, listen to what your client needs, ask for permission, present the solution not the service

(you can’t present a solution if you don’t know what the problem is)

19:38 Onboarding happy clients: organized, simple clear; policies and expectations presented upfront; booking, rescheduling; payment; app, website, emails

23:51 Delivering to happy clients: seamless communication, clear framework and path, client should know where you’re headed, check in with client about their expectations, address any issues that keep occurring

26:45 Getting more referrals: make happy clients, ask for referrals, make it clear you’re accepting new clients, client off-boarding evaluation, share client testimonials and successes