The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

Untapped Leads - Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads and Build Your Nutrition Business

with Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RDN

Untapped Leads – Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads and Build Your Nutrition Business


Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RDN

Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RDN, is the Foundering Owner of NutritionJobs. She specializes in dietetic career development, resume building, LinkedIn Profiles, and dietetic job search clarity and success. Stacey has previously worked in various settings as a Clinical Nutrition Manager and Research Dietitian with Dr. Dean Ornish. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and MSNBC TV. Stacey lives in San Francisco with her family.

What we’ll cover:

5 steps for how to make solid connections on linked in

How to optimize your profile and company page 

How to find business leads and pitch to generate revenue


5 steps for how to make solid connections on linked in – with an optimized profile and company page that become business leads to ultimately generate revenue

“An adult in the social media room” not just for jobseekers

What you’ll learn: properly optimize, lead generation, targeting connections, company page, Inmail/messaging

LI users 40% access daily

6:14 Lead generation: 

Search for leads or get found fo business

Goal for optimizing: all star status

7:38 7 elements that need to be completed to optimize profile:

  1. Profile photo – current, relaxed, inviting, whites of eyes, solo, banner with brand color – watch logo placement (to right)
  2. Industry – for searches – how do you want to come up
  3. Summary/About – your elevator pitch, focus on career accomplishments + aspirations, keywords, how you can sell yourself to your client/next boss. Speak 1:1, 1st person. Incorporate strengths, specialties, complement to resume. Include CTAs.
  4. Experience – build story, value you provide, who you served, difference you’ve made, self-employed or seeking new if not currently working. Keep updated. Include volunteer experience. 
  5. (14:15) Skills and endorsements – list 5, builds credibility, up to 50, increases searches and profile views, keywords, organize top 3 at top, can rotate (get more endorsements)
  6. Education – connect with alum
  7. Connections – need 50 for all star status. Send an invitation or accept.

Small changes help. 

16:19 Bonus elements

Custom url: Edit public profile + url (instead of #s) – your name or specialty

Headline: defaults to current job – can and should customize. 120 characters desktop/200 mobile, catchy keyword title, practical info, IG headline style, shows up in every search. Most visible. Goal: be discovered. Include credentials in name not headline. Craft profile from perspective of how you want to come up.

20:16 examples of your work: photos, presentations, videos, visually appealing representation of your story.
Recommendations: testimonials. 2-3 per job. Validate your skills and credibility. Ask key people. Customize your request. Ex: I’m in the process of updating my LI profile and I am asking for a recommendation from you. Specifically about XXX. Thank you so much.

Social Ranking: Social Selling Index

Signal available to recruiters


22:50 Company page: build for business

Personal v company (+ showcase pages) v professional group

Regular updates, articles, links to website (blogs, CTAs), products/services, video

Don’t expect a lot of likes/comments

26:00 Target Connections: Leads

Request strategies: colleagues, FB members, LI suggestions, search job titles, education, podcast guests, people you want to interview

Accept: regularly add profile posts and updates to company page, engage, posts, re-share posts adding takeaways, create poll in your feed, hashtags

28:46 Articles: featured, searchable by keyword

Live: unique event url, member or company, event page, engage before or after, CTA

Post articles: “write article”. Same SEO guidelines as blog post – SEO titles, H1, H2, 1st paragraph, 2-3 sentences, 28 words per sentence. 

31:10 Leads: 1st degree – messaging to 1st connection, outreach: inmail, include message with request (premium feature), organic search (limited with free, targeted with premium), sponsored marketing

Can join 50 groups – message without being connected

34:59 Premium – lead lists

Sales navigator

36:20 Example


48:08 Perfect pitch formula:

  1. Sticky and specific subject line/intro
  2. Greeting
  3. Intro
  4. Connection
  5. Offer and ask
  6. closing
  • Business hours, green outline

50:55 Campaign manager – paid search for lead capture