The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

Leveraging a Virtual Assistant for Maximum Business Benefit

with Savannah King Thaler, RD, LDN, VA

Leveraging a Virtual Assistant for Maximum Business Benefit


Savannah King Thaler, RD, LDN, VA

Savannah is a momma, military spouse, weight-inclusive dietitian and virtual assistant. She currently provides virtual services for other HAES RD and therapist entrepreneurs from her home in Charleston, South Carolina. She loves the Enneagram, Marco Polo, podcasts, Good Reads and all things business strategy!

What we’ll cover:

Why hire a VA? 

Common objections

What you can delegate


Why hire a VA? Free up space and mental energy, time. Reach more people. Less burnout. 

6:00 Common objections

14:00 Possible delegation to VA: insurance billing, calendar management, email newsletters, transcription, content repurposing, blogging, social media, client communications, pinterest management, payments

16:49 Content repurposing: 1 piece of content into 3-10, multiplying your work

19:10 Social media

23:06 Communications: email, billing, scheduling

24:40 Project management

28:17 Audio/video

30:20 Public relations

33:20 Create a secondary income stream

37:50 Grow an engaged audience (Fb/IG, email list, PR)

41:40 Improve SEO + site visits (blogging, engagement, CTAs)

41:52 Communicating efficiently with your VA: project management system, sharing content, feedback.

46:59 Cost: $15-50/hr; hourly/internship/retainer/package

49:53 action steps: what current daily tasks could someone do? How will it add value to your clients? What is the next step you want to take with your business?