The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

How To Build A List Of Qualified Buyers For Your Virtual Programs Using This (Cash Infusing) Marketing Funnel Strategy

with Luisa McClure, MS, RDN

How To Build A List Of Qualified Buyers For Your Virtual Programs Using This (Cash Infusing) Marketing Funnel Strategy


Luisa McClure, MS, RDN

Luisa McClure is a marketing strategist and mentor that specializes in digital marketing funnels, as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising. She also has a masters degree in nutrition and is a RDN. She helps health-related online entrepreneurs create automated marketing funnels that attract more qualified leads for their virtual programs.

What we’ll cover:

Growing your email list with a more qualified audience 

The blueprint to 3 funnel strategies

What you need to implement each strategy


A more profitable path to your irresistible offer.  Move your ideal audience to action – buying more and more quickly

It’s not a winning strategy if you grow an email list full of people that aren’t willing to take action


What you’ll learn:

A buyer focused funnel strategy

The blueprint to this funnel strategy

What you need to implement the strategy


Grow your email list with a more qualified audience + the moving pieces to implement.

Goal: learn the strategy to attract more action takers using a higher converting funnel that will help quickly build and monetize your list. 

6:11 What is a marketing funnel? Awareness, interest, decision, action.

Why do you need a funnel? Backbone; helps build trust.

8:05 The Strategy: a buyer focused funnel and the psychology behind “yes”

Yes Ladder: small yesses lead to bigger yesses. 

Present the opportunity to say yes to a no brainer offer. 

10:08 3 buyer focused funnels:

Low offer entry funnel, paid challenge funnel, free challenge funnel with tripwire

11:22 Low entry offer funnel: micro offer $7-47. Highly consumable, quick win. Cash infusion. 

13:24 paid funnel challenge: multi day challenge $10-47. Investing time and money. Cash infusion

14:22 Free challenge funnel with tripwire. A multi day free challenge with low entry point limited time offer once registered, $7-27.

16:29 Offer ladder: suite of offers that allow to move up to higher priced programs. 

Free challenge – low entry – mid (core) – high (signature)

18:05 The blueprint

Funnel Map 1: Low entry offer

Low end offer $7-47 and order bump – one time offer $47-77, confirmation, access. Email sequence: nurture to conversion.

22:26 Funnel map 2: paid challenge

25:49 Funnel map 3: free challenge with tripwire. 

27:25 Implementation

  1. Present offer
  2. Collect $
  3. Communicate
  4. Offer delivery
  5. Drive traffic

30:13 Landing page

33:39 Collect $

34:33 Communicate – email service provider

36:15 Offer delivery – course/video hosting

37:57 Drive traffic – organic and paid

42:37 The Numbers – buyer focused funnel calculator