The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

Using the Power of Storytelling to Grow Your Business

with Katrina Pace

Using the Power of Storytelling to Grow Your Business


Katrina Pace

Katrina is a New Zealand RD and creative mind behind Words for Wellness. As a copywriter (writing words that sell) she helps wellness professionals consistently connect with people who need their help. Sorting out their marketing so they can attract more clients and get on with changing lives.

What we’ll cover:

Using stories to sell our wellness messages

Types of stories we can use to connect with our tribe

Using a storytelling framework 


How we can use stories to sell our wellness messages, what types of stories we can use to connect with our tribe, how health businesses need to modify stories to make it connect, using a storytelling framework to make our message super clear so people can make the decision to engage with us, one mistake people make on their websites 


3:15 What is the power of stores – we pay attention to things we relate to. 

Frame information in a way that’s easy to remember and pay attention to.

Marketing: engage with our clients and grow our business. 

Cause hormonal and neurotransmitter surges

6:21 how can I help, not how can I sell

7:00 7 types of stories: origin, overcoming adversity, tragedies, journey, rags to riches, failure, higher purpose

8:05 How to use in business:

Origin: where did your customer come from, why did they begin this journey, the backstory, what is your why story, your values

Overcoming adversity: the obstacle they need to overcome, why, how, what obstacles you overcame, what you learned

Tragic stories: things happen, how do we help see the good, how to use to get stronger, what’s your tragic moment, how did you use it to get stronger

Journey: physical, emotional, spiritual, new place

Rags to riches: how you customer had nothing and now have something, finding value

Failure: when it really doesn’t work, is there a big come back? When you pinned your hopes on something, when it didn’t go according to plan

Higher purpose: they are bigger than this, ultimate transformation, how you transformed

10:15 Two levels of stories: theirs and yours

Storytelling framework

  • Identify with, problem to overcome, help on the journey, plan, clear success, avoid a failure, came out stronger

11:42 Putting into practice: 

Remove barriers to listening: make about clients, relate to story, get the outline clearly

Tell stories that: inspire action, show values, bring tribe together, have a purpose

Gather stories: our point of view, their point of view

As you write, ask: why am I telling? Who is it for? Why should they care? What action does it inspire? If they take this action what good things will happen? If they don’t take this action what will happen?

13:20 From these stores: create a brand message about why people come to your for help, talking points that intrigue customers, create compelling marketing

Don’t just write: video, podcasts, cartoon, infographic

14:40 MIstake making on your website

Does this sound like you? (LIst of negatives….)

Can set up a negative story loop. Falls into “denial” category. People bury heads.

How to make it work: use within a framework.

Frame it with introduction, the empathy, the action, and the success. List the positive versions of the negative statements.

When you talk about negative concepts use “they”, positive use you, transfer between the two: “we”/our

16:42 Storytelling framework in action