The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

10 Ways to Write Better Blogs to Attract Your Ideal Clients, Now.

with Holly Larson, MS, RD

10 Ways to Write Better Blogs to Attract Your Ideal Clients, Now.


Holly Larson, MS, RD

Holly Larson is a registered dietitian and entrepreneur who helps fellow RDs save time by tackling the writing projects that have been lingering on their to-do lists. Holly has a bernedoodle puppy, two gardens and loves to rollerblade.

What we’ll cover:

Five steps to writing blog titles

Types of headlines

Tools for writing better headlines



Blogging, how to make titles better, discussion of email captions, best tools for headlines.

Business that use blogs got 67% more leads

Blog titles with 6-13 words get the most consistent traffic

Need people to read them: titles

2:58 the  most important sentence of your blog post

8 out of 10 will read, 2 out of a 10 will click – make them click

3:35 five steps of writing blog titles

4:19 Types of headlines: solution to a pain point, numbered lists, how to guides, against the grain, myths vs facts, share a personal experience, ask a question

7:46 Types of emotional headlines: anger to envy, empathy through shared misery, doubt to confidence, appeal to sense of value, shared outrage, desperation to salvation.

12:22 Tips + tricks(who instead of why, alliteration, according to a dietitian, include a stat, use a superlative, add mystery, use “you”

15:04 Write 10 headlines. 15 more. Cross out worst 15. Bold 5 best. 

16:30 average rates for email

18:30 Free tools for better headlines (Portent idea generator, sharethrough (70+), capitalize my title.

Next step: better title practice in FB group.