The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

How to Integrate Killer Packages with Insurance

with Amy Plano, RD, MS, CDE, CDN

How to Integrate Killer Packages with Insurance


Amy Plano, RD, MS, CDE, CDN

Amy Plano, The Reimbursement Dietitian, is a coach to her fellow registered dietitian colleagues. Through her group reimbursement coaching programs, Amy teaches dietitians how to get credentialed with the insurance companies, bill & make the money they deserve.

What we’ll cover:

Describe 4 critical aspects of reimbursement important to packages

Identify 6 phase process necessary to integrating insurance w/packages

Create a package of your own using insurance



3:00 Insurance overview, ACA gamechanger for RDs

4:40 insurance 101: face to face (can only bill for this time), cpt codes, ICD codes, units. 

Only bill for face to face time, not admin, calls, email, or no shows.

Can bill PATIENTS for a la carte services: email communication, meal plans, body fat testing, video check ins, journal reviews, other services . Must WANT and sign off. 

9:00 CPT codes: 97802, 97803, 97804( group) (define reimbursement rate)

ICD codes: frequency of visits. Z71.3 tends to be unlimited visits

Units: 97802+3 = 1 unit 15 minutes, 97804 1 unit = 30 min

13:04 6 phase process to integrate insurance into packages

  1. Outline program
  2. Define deliverables
  3. Assign value to each deliverable
  4. Define expectations/roles
  5. Determine units/value billable to insurance
  6. Use info obtained in step 5 to determine total cost of program


18:16 Assign value to deliverables, example.

20:40 Define roles and expectations.

21:44 what can be billed to insurance, example (do for each insurance company)

27:40 Can only bill for actual dates of services, rates vary, patient needs to show up, can’t make patient do package

29:02 Recap