The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

Using Psychology and Technology to Maximizing Digital Product Sales

with Megan Boitano, MS, RDN

Using Psychology and Technology to Maximizing Digital Product Sales

What we’ll cover:

Misconceptions about selling. 

Why customers buy. 

The essential technology elements for selling digital products.


Psychology + technology: need to be good at both for successful digital product

 Psychology: understand why people buy and tapping into emotion and beliefs to generate sales.

3 phases of selling

We’re not creating a product and hoping random people on the internet will find it and buy it.

9:59 Attraction

11:21- How do I know what my audience is interested in? Worksheet exercise 

13:55 Determining your audience’s interest 

“Content is how you attract your audience – your product is not” 

31:00 Attract – worksheet activity

31:36 Nurture: transform traffic and followers into potential customers

Psychology – writing to connect. Use headlines. Elicit emotion. Tell stories. 

Technology for lead magnet 

44:37- I have a new subscriber. What do I do now? 

50:40 Marketing funnel: attract, convert, close, delight 

52:39 Nurture worksheet activity 

56:00 Customers don’t go straight from email to typing in their credit card details  

1:01:29 Selling worksheet activity.

Megan Boitano, MS, RDN

Megan Boitano, MS, RD, LDN helps dietitians leverage their expertise and generate passive income with digital products. She is the founder of, a digital marketplace for RDNs to purchase and sell original, digital goods such as nutrition handouts, presentations, webinars, books and more.