Stop making building your business so damn hard



You crave flexibility and freedom with your job so you have time for all the important stuff like family, friends, and fun

You have an entrepreneurial drive but you haven’t quite figured out how to make it all work for you

You wish you had someone to bounce ideas off of or brainstorm solutions to any hiccups along the way.

You’re frustrated and overwhelmed with all the pieces that go into running your own nutrition business

You have a pretty good idea what you’re supposed to do but you could use some hands-on support in actually applying it to YOUR business

You want to move beyond just the 1:1 private practice model, but you’re not quite sure how to do it


But boy do I have the solution for you!

Join the Society

Hands-on, Actionable training

for nutrition entrepreneurs + influencers

TRAINING + Workshops

Business trainings and workshops, specifically catered to your nutrition business. Think – how to build a loyal audience that’s primed to buy, how to create an authentic social media strategy, how to use email marketing to build trustworthy relationships, how to get all your ducks in a row to start a private practice – and more!


Monthly mastermind-style coaching calls so you can solve the pain points in YOUR business. Bounce ideas off others, get unbiased feedback, and get the accountability you crave to make sure you keep taking action in your business month after month.

implementation + Action-based community

Guides, worksheets, and action plans that correlate with trainings + workshops as needed to keep you on track and motivated, plus a private community for questions + answers, brainstorming, and connection.


Custom topics selected based on members’ needs, with hands-on training and accountability. Got something you want to learn? Let me know!

access to experts

Let’s face it – we can’t all excel at everything. When we need expert training, we bring in expert educators! Marketing strategists, social media authorities, SEO experts, private practice masters.

office hours + Accountability

Scheduled time to dive in deep with your questions, problems, and ideas and get feedback from the group. Plus the much-needed accountability of someone making sure you did what you said you were going to do. 

stop being stuck

Let’s create that dream nutrition business of yours together.

Join the Dietitian HQ Society TODAY

No commitments. No crazy high prices. No content consumption without implementation.

Just action, accountability, and expert training.


Ready to build the nutrition business of your dreams?


Can’t decide if a membership, coaching program, or mastermind is what you need? How about all of it one place?! Get the knowledge you need to build and grow your nutrition business, PLUS the accountability + community of a nutrition-based mastermind group.

What members are saying…



Whether you’re working to build a business from the ground up, or taking the business you already have and making it grow or expand, this is the place for you. We not only focus on building a successful nutrition business, but building one that fits your ideal lifestyle, meaning we’ll also make sure you build a business you can scale and continue to grow, without adding to your workload.

stop dreaming, start doing.

You know you want this: you want to be the boss. You want to run your own business, call the shots, and create your own schedule.

But something’s holding you back. Whether you’re unsure whether you have what it takes (you do), you’re not sure how to make it happen, or you lack the coaching + support to make it happen, the Dietitian HQ Society can help you finally make it happen.

PLUS an entire FREE 3-part bonus curriculum:

The Profitable RD Freedom Framework



My 5 step marketing message method that not only attracts clients and customers right to you, plus how to generate content with ease and never have to stare at a blank white screen wondering what the heck to post about this time.


Create a simple, scalable 4 part marketing plan that puts your revenue on repeat with a streamlined sales system that doesn’t rely on endless new content creation or adding a million tasks to your to do list.


Creates a clear plan of daily actions that map directly to your income goals – a daily action plan that helps you EXECUTE your revenue roadmap. This is where you’re going to create time to actually run your business instead of letting it run you.

The Society is for you if:

– You are a driven nutrition professional with a desire to start or grow your business

– You crave freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance

– You want to run a private practice, online business, blog, or any other outside-the-box nutrition career

– You’re ready to show up and put in the work. This isn’t a miracle solution that will magically create a business for you.

– You want a community, comradity, and feedback as you go

This is NOT for you if:

– You’re looking for a magic bullet or 3 simple steps that will miraculously bring you success and wealth overnight.

– You’re looking for outrageous claims or promises

– You want to expand your clinical knowledge or counseling skills

– You want someone to do the work for you

– You want a step-by-step process that outlines a specific solution in order from A-Z (but I do have recommendations for that!)

Why should you trust me?

I’ve been running an online nutrition business for over 14 years. I’ve failed miserably, and I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

I used to work three dietetics jobs to piece together enough income to get by. I was exhausted, burnt out, and didn’t have any time to do all the stuff I love to do.

Now I have two young kids at home with me. I work a fraction of the time I used to, and bring in way more income.

I have the privilege of shaping my day any way I want, without missing any of the good stuff like watching my babies learn to crawl or being there when they get off the bus.

I’m passionate about helping you do the same.

I have:

  • 10+ years of monetized blogging + brand work experience
  • 5+ years experience health writing as a regular columnist
  • 10+ years online business experience, including online group programs, courses, memberships, and virtual counseling
  • Helped numerous dietitians build + grow thriving nutrition businesses + successfully launch programs (fun fact: I’ve never launched a course for less than 5 figures)

What would you do with an extra 10 hours a week? What would your life look like with an extra $10k in your pocket?

Let’s find out together.

Meet Heather

Meet Heather

Dietitian HQ Founder


Do I have to have an established business?

No! Anybody in any stage of business is welcome. Actually, this will save you a lot of headache and frustration when you’re just getting started. Just remember, this is not a step-by-step sequential guide to getting started. (If you need that ask me for recommendations.)

What if I already have a successful business?

Do you want to grow or scale? Are you meeting your income goals? Have you created a lifestyle you love? Do you have a community to talk and brainstorm with?! If you answered yes to the first question or no to the other three, then YES, this is for you. 

What am I committing to?

Besides growing a successful business? Nothing! No commitments or contracts, just a straight-forward monthly membership. Just be ready to be active + put in the work, or you won’t see the growth you’re looking for.  

When are the trainings + mastermind calls?

Masterminds vary but are typically the 2nd Tuesdays of the month at 11am ET, unless it falls on a holiday. Weeks may vary but you have access to the entire calendar ahead of time.

Office hours rotate different weekdays and times to accomodate varying schedules.

Training times vary due to nature of training or workshop.

ALL trainings are recorded!

The support group is always open.

Are there any perks of joining?

You betcha. Members will receive exclusive discounts to all other Dietitian HQ products + services.

What do I get access to?

Mastermind groups, trainings + workshops, office hours, other experts, a group of amazing business peers, and the entire batch of archived trainings no matter when you join. Instant access to over 38 trainings, plus the entire Profitable RD Freedom Framework with 19 modules (including templates to my project management system strategy).