Feel like you need a vacation from your NUTRITION business?

Why not take a vacation *FOR* your business instead?!

Make 2020 the year you take your nutrition business to the next level

Introducing the RD Destination Mastermind.

The “unconference” you’ve been waiting for.

Expert Advice

Business Success

Time to Grow

You want to feel empowered and excited about growing your nutrition business.

But you need the time and inspiration to take it to the next level. 

When you’re right in the middle of running your day-to-day business it’s hard to find the time to do this. Leaving you feeling frustrated that you can’t move forward and take those business-growth actions you’ve been meaning to do all year.


And then, when you DO have time, you freeze with anxiety over whether this is the right thing to do or not.


Really, it shouldn’t be this hard to take your nutrition business to the next level.

Feel excited about your nutrition business again

Three days in sunny Florida Keys to relax, refresh, and rock your nutrition business.

Your business deserves your attention and investment. After all, you’re building a wellness legacy to change people’s lives for years to come. 


You’ve been working hard getting your business off the ground. Now it deserves (and needs) some focused attention to become the nutrition business you dream it can be. 


And where better to spend time on your business than in sunny, tropical Florida Keys with a small group of like-minded professionals?!!

Hey! We’re Heather and Ana. You might know us a bit better as Dietitian HQ + RD Entrepreneur Symposium founder Heather Neal and Ana Reisdorf, founder of RDs Who Write, a supportive community of over 2,000 nutrition professionals.


We’d love you to join us on our 3 day, Florida Keys RD mastermind retreat. Finally, give yourself the time and inspiration to put into action what you need to grow your business in 2020. 


We’ll be your own personal business cheerleaders and guides. 


And not only us, but on your retreat weekend you’ll be with a group of others sharing experiences you can draw on to help inspire and empower you to take your nutrition business to the next level.

Here’s how to grow a thriving nutrition business in 2020


  1. Come on the retreat. Come with us to the beautiful Florida Keys. Spend 3 days putting together your business growth plan AND putting it into action
  2. Work and relax. Get expert advice, motivation, and experience to make sure your plan is going to achieve your goals. (And have some time to spend on you too!)
  3. Watch out world. Go home empowered and excited with your plan put into action and watch your nutrition business skyrocket

Apply now so you can stop feeling frustrated about your lack of  business growth and watch your nutrition business dreams fly away. 

Instead feel excited about your business again with a mastermind-approved plan that you’ve already started to put into action (and had time to chillax along the way).

Step away from the demands of day to day life and focus on what really matters to your business growth.

Walk away from the retreat with tangible progress on your business. You’ll have time to sit done with a group of fellow RD entrepreneurs and really hammer out the details of what’s holding you back in your business, what you’re struggling with, or what you really need to help you move forward into that next step. You’ll get dedicated hot-seat time to get real feedback on your business, not just the kind of advice you learn on a sit-back-and-watch webinar. It’s amazing what happens when you put a few extra business-minded heads together.

Let 2020 be the year you never could’ve imagined for your business. We’ll help you make it real.

“Investing in yourself is difficult. I registered for the RD Destination Mastermind because I believe that aligning myself with fellow RD entrepreneurs to grow and learn in a supportive environment will prove to be invaluable. I know that the focused attention on my business plan, with Ana and Heather’s guidance, in a small group setting will move my business forward exponentially. The time and emotional energy I’ll save from trying to do things on my own is worth the investment.” 

– Shannan Bergtholdt, MS Ed, RD