Grow Your Nutrition Business with the RD Entrepreneur Symposium


Attract more clients, streamline your strategy, increase your efficiency, put your marketing on auto-drive, and get back to LOVING what you do as a nutrition entrepreneur. Whether that means a brick and mortar private practice, a virtual practice, an online group program, or simply a way to broaden and diversify your income, this is for you, RD!

Grow your nutrition business

“After my first year in private practice I was burnt out, over-worked, and not very successful. Because I wasn’t connecting with my ideal client I didn’t feel like I was making an impact. Once I found my niche, I increased my clients 5x that year.” Erica Julson shared, along with her 3-step action plan for finding your niche without pigeonholing yourself at the first RD Entrepreneur Symposium.

Like many of us, Rachael Hartley was scared to only market to one target audience. “I was afraid to alienate someone that would want to work with me. My ideal client was anyone that would pay me. But now [that I know how to talk to my ideal client] I feel less stress, I provide better services, I command a higher price, and I feel fulfilled.” Rachael shared this and how to use your unique voice to attract clients you actually want to work with at the first RD Entrepreneur Symposium as well.

Now tell me, does any of that sound familiar as you build or grow YOUR nutrition business or private practice? Or how about this?:

You’re frustrated with spending hour after hour marketing and putting yourself out there only to hear crickets. You thought being an entrepreneur would be fun & freeing, but you’re working more hours than ever for little return.

You’re hustling like crazy but still not booking clients. You’re throwing all your time and money into building your brand & following (and trying to be everywhere on social media!) but you’re just not making headway.

You feel like you’re doing everything right, but just can’t land enough clients or fill your group programs. You’ve read every tutorial and grabbed every freebie out there, yet you’re still unsure how to attract your ideal client and focus in on (or even choose) your niche.

Or maybe you already have a booming business, but you want to take it the next level.


What if I told you it didn’t have to be like that?

We’ve all been there. But you don’t have to feel stuck trying to grow your nutrition business.

Instead of spending more valuable hours Googling and Facebooking trying to figure things out on your own, see exactly what other wildly successful RDs & health entrepreneurs are doing to keep their businesses steadily booked without working 60 hour weeks.

Where? —>  The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

RD Entrepreneur Symposium

What’s better than the advice of one expert?

The advice of a whole bunch. Registered dietitians are an incredible community of professionals who support the DHQ mission of collaboration over competition. Each year I bring in a slew of RD experts to show you exactly how you too can build an amazing, thriving nutrition business or private practice that helps you create a life you love.

At the RD Entrepreneur Symposium you will learn from nutrition experts that are walking the walk. They are running 6-figure businesses and still have a life on the side. They have virtual practices, traditional practices, and completely nontraditional careers. They’ve got their marketing on auto-pilot, clients on waiting lists, group programs that practically run themselves. These are the professionals that are doing it right and they show you exactly how at the RD Entrepreneur Symposium.

The symposium is created BY dietitians FOR dietitians. Nowhere else will you find the guidance to grow your business, attract more clients, and increase your revenue without increasing your work hours, all designed specifically with dietitians and healthcare providers in mind. No more trying to extrapolate what you learned from a blogging course or a business guide and apply it to nutrition and dietetics.

The expert sessions vary with each symposium, but here’s an example of what you’ll learn. How to:

  • Magnetically attract clients instead of waiting for them to find you
  • Implement the most efficient strategies to grow your business while you sleep
  • Identify what sets you apart and stand out from the crowd
  • Stop second guessing yourself
  • Put an end to your fear and take action
  • Position yourself as the expert that you are
  • Excel in your niche
  • Minimize your workload and maximize your income

So what will you get out of this symposium?

By the time it’s over you will be able to:

Magnetically attract clients  – no more hunting them down. What’s more, they’ll be the right fit for you – increase retention & referrals and cut down on no-shows and dropouts.

Put your marketing on auto drive and literally book clients and sell programs & services while you sleep. Sales funnels, CRMs, marketing automation – we’ve got you covered.

Use your unique voice to stand out from the crowd. There are a whole lotta people out there running health and nutrition programs. Make people pick YOU as their personal expert.

Stop letting fear hold you back. You’re in a field where you can literally shape your career and your day to day life to look like anything you want, so do it!

Earn pre-approved CPEUs from the comfort of your own living room and walk away with a value-packed action plan. Join the private discussion group to further connect with speakers and other attendees, and stop going at it alone. No more banging your head against the wall in frustration or watching potential clients slip away because you didn’t have your systems set up right.

Learn about the next one here.

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“I don’t think there’s been a better time to be a dietitian in private practice,” shares Erica Jain, the CEO and co-founder of Healthie, an electronic health record platform and past symposium speaker.

I have to agree with her. There’s been no better time to take your career into your hands as a nutrition professional. But I get it. It can be scary, overwhelming, and at times extremely frustrating. Let me make it easier for you. Get the details on the next symposium for nutrition entrepreneurs here.

RD entrepreneur symposium for dietitian entrepreneurs

Get the details on the next symposium for nutrition entrepreneurs here.