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My mission is to encourage, enable, and empower you while you’re working towards those not-so-crazy dreams of yours as a nutrition business owner.

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The Symposium

Learn exactly HOW to build and grow your dream nutrition business – from marketing to social media, tech to legal. We’ve got it all, straight from the experts in this biannual online event for dietitian entrepreneurs.

The Society: Membership for RDs

Hands-on actionable support for nutrition entrepreneurs and influencers. A one of a kind membership program just for dietitians: the support you need to grow and thrive in your nutrition business. 

FREE Community for RDs

Nobody should have to go at it alone. Join our free community of RD entrepreneurs just like you. Questions, support, brainstorming, and more.

Hey RD! I’m Heather.

I help you go from wanna-be-self-employed to RD CEO. In my 12+ years of doing this, I’ve failed miserably, and I’ve succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

My old job (or make that 3 put together to make ends meet) left me exhausted, burnt out, and without any time to do all the stuff I love.

Now I have a 4 year old home with me and a 7 year old in elementary school. I work a fraction of the time I used to, and bring in way more income.

I’m privileged to get to shape my day any way I want, without missing any of the good stuff like watching my babies learn to crawl or being there when they get off the bus.

And I’m passionate about helping YOU do the same.

What would you do with an extra 10 hours a week? What would your life look like with an extra $10k in your pocket?

Let’s find out together.

Meet Heather

Meet Heather

Dietitian HQ Founder