Jumpstart your nutrition business in 2022

It’s not too late –

Make this the year you finally make it happen.

Introducing the RD business jumpstart

Stop feeling lost about how to get started and finally get your nutrition business rocking & rolling to make 2022 your best year ever with the RD Business Jumpstart resource vault for RDs.

You know you want to run your own nutrition business so you can flexibility and freedom in your day.

You dream of opening the doors to YOUR private practice. You know you want to see those online sales notifications rolling in.

Only you don’t reallllly know where to start to actually make it happen.

But I do.

Let me help you put an end to those overwhelming, circling thoughts in your head that are keeping you from taking the action that really matters to become an actual income-making business owner.

There’s something more burning deep inside you:

to open your own practice. To build your own business.

But you just don’t know how to get started.

let me help you stop wishing and start making it happen. Right now. minus all the confusion and feeling lost about where to start.

This is your year to make your nutrition business thrive.

We can all agree there have been enough sucks to 2021. Your business doesn’t have to be one of them.

Let’s set a goal together to make 2022 the year your business really takes off. The year you are happy and satisfied and fulfilled by your career, not just trudging along day to day in a job you don’t love because it’s easier. (It might be easier – but is it worth it?)

Starting is overwhleming. There are so many things you need to do to get started that you just feel paralyzed.

Let me give you a roadmap to follow instead:

You want to own your business. But then you wonder how:

I consistently book clients

I sell my online courses

I fill a group program


I’ve heard I need an email list. Umm ok, how do I do that? What the heck do I even send people once they’re on my list? How does that even help me make money?

What do I really need to get started? What are all those abbreviations anyways… LLC, NPI, CAQH?

And now you’re thinking, “nevermind, this is too much, maybe I’ll just forget it…”


But you shouldn’t just forget it. If you have that inkling in the back of your head that this is what you want – to be in charge of your day, to be in the driver’s seat of your career, to be making your own schedule, paving your own way – then you can’t just forget it. You need to go for it.


I can make it easier for you. I can take that overwhelm, those swirling thoughts going round + round in your head about how to actually make it all happen, and simplify it for you, with the Nutrition Business Jumpstart for RDs, an exclusive vault of resources hand-picked to help make getting started easier.

I’ve pulled together some of the top masterclasses from past RD Entrepreneur Symposiums that are specifically geared towards getting you and your business off on the right foot for 2022, led by some of the leading experts in the dietetics industry.


Here’s what you get when you commit to jumpstart your business by 2020:


  1. 11 Masterclasses designed specifically for you, a RD who wants to run a thriving business, right now.
  2. Instant access to a clear roadmap for getting your business off the ground.

3. PLUS 3 bonus masterclasses FREE

Your jumpstart Roadmap

Create a thriving nutrition business with ease. Use the Jumpstart Roadmap to guide you through the 11 pre-recorded masterclasses in the jumpstart resource vault.

 Session List:

(pre-recorded video resources)

How to Identify + Talk to Your Ideal Client
Secrets to Building a Thriving Private Practice
Creating + Selling Irresistible Client Packages
How to Use Your Website to Find Paying Clients
Get More Clients to Your Site Naturally: SEO for RDs
Mastering Sales Funnels + CRMs
How to Use Email to Grow Your Client Base
Client Attraction: How to Sell Yourself for Success
Insurance 101
From Full-time Employee to Business Owner: How to Leave Your Job
How to Stop Holding Yourself Back from Building the Business fo Your Dreams


get these free

Taming Social Media in 10 Hours or Less
Tackling Taxes for Nutrition Entrepreneurs
Take Back Your Time: Ultimate Productivity for RD Entrepreneurs
What do I get access to?

After registering you’ll get instant access to 11 recorded masterclasses hand-selected from past RD Entrepreneur Symposiums led by industry experts in dietetics, marketing, tech, and more. (PLUS 3 more for free, making it a total of 14 masterclasses.)

You’ll have one full year from the time of purhcase to watch them (but I suggest diving in NOW and not procrastinating).


How long will it take me to complete?

You get instant access to all as soon as you sign up, so you can dive in right away.

All videos are roughly 30-60 minutes in length, so it depends if you love to binge-watch or take it slow and steady: you could knock it out in a week or spread it over a few months. I suggest a self-imposed  12/31/2021 deadline though!

What if I already have a successful business?

While you can always learn more from new perspectives and commiting to taking action, I don’t think this is the program for you if you already have an established business you feel good about and is generating consistent revenue.

Instead, check out The Society, a hybrid coaching and mastermind mentorship experience.

Who is this NOT for?

See the above question for established business owners. It’s also not for you if you’ve attended ALL the RD Entrepreneur Symposiums (thanks, btw!), as it contains content from them. However, if that’s you and you’re looking for more support, check out The Society.

(However, if you’ve attended all the past symposiums, but it’s been awhile and you need a refresher and you want to see it laid out in a clear path to jump start your biz, you will benefit from this too.)


For you scrollers that didn’t read all the details above (guilty!): this is a collection of videos from past RD Entrepreneur Symposiums ranging from 2017-2019 and videos may contain references to past dates.

Again, if you’ve already partipated in all 6 of these events this isn’t for you (but if just one or two, there’s definitely some gems in there you’re missing out on.)

Due to the digital nature of the material, refunds are not available.



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