Your prescription for a no-fail, stellar launch.

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You KNOW you have an awesome program or course. (Or heck, even just the idea for one.)

But it’s not just about your kickass content. It’s about so.much.more:

How do you fill your program?

How will people even know your program exists?

How will you make sure more than just your mom signs up?

You’ve got your health and nutrition thing down. But marketing, promotion, creating buzz – that’s a whole different thing.

They say 90% of the success of a program comes from the “launch” – what goes into getting it out there and building massive excitement.

So let us spell it out for you and make sure you have an AWESOME launch, without going crazy with tech, without getting bogged down in social media promotion, without getting lost in emails and sales funnels.

We’ll cover things like:

How do I get people excited about my program?

What if no one signs up?

How many emails do I send + what do I even say?

What programs do I use?

What the heck is a “launch”?

How often should I release my program?

How long should enrollment be open?

How do I know people will even want what I have to offer?

You’ll walk away knowing:

How to validate your program or course idea before putting your heart + soul into creating it (aka you’ll KNOW people want it)

How to plan, organize, and automate your enrollment / cart open period

How to turn a periodic launch into an evergreen, passive revenue generator

How to create a product that adds MEGA vaue to your current business and leaves people counting down the days until enrollment opens.

How to use digital programs and services to decrease your workload, increase your income, and get that job freedom and flexiblity you crave.

Stay tuned for more…

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