How to Build an Audience That’s Ready to Buy


One of the big questions I get from fellow nutrition entrepreneurs is “how do I get people to buy my services or my products?!” 


It’s a good question, right? (I mean, yeah, if they don’t buy your stuff you won’t end up with much of a business. This can definitely feel like one of those things that’s easier said than done.) 

We need to take it back one step before worrying about how to get them to actually buy, and focus first on getting them ready to buy.

Does that seem like too small of a difference? It might. But here’s the thing – it can mean everything for having a full client waiting list or sold out course or lots of sales and hearing crickets when you launch or put your services out there into the world. 

Priming your audience to buy is an often-skipped step that can be the difference between you smashing your goals a RD entrepreneur and watching them crash and burn.

As a consumer, you likely do research before making an investment, right? Sure, a trip to Target might influence a few impulse purchases here and there, but a potential client probably isn’t going to sign up for your services or buy your course on a total whim. First they need to know, like, and trust you before investing. (That it doesn’t mean it needs to take a long time, but that foundation needs to be there!)

So HOW exactly do you prime your audience for sales and get them in that ready-to-buy mode?

Here are 4 strategies to nudge them in the right direction BEFORE you even ask for the sale: 

Pro-tip: do these WHILE you’re setting up your services, creating your content, or prepping for your next launch – don’t wait until everything’s ready to go or you’ve wasted valuable relationship-building time.??

(But first – make sure you know exactly WHO you’re selling to and that they WANT the program or service you’re offering – not just that you have something YOU feel like creating. We talk all about “validating before creating” inside the exclusive Society membership for dietitian entrepreneurs.)

how to build an audience that's ready to buy from you as a nutrition entrepreneur

So here we go:


1. Build a pre-launch waiting list

Set up a waiting list or “coming soon” page (also a great validation strategy). This gives you somewhere to send people (whether it’s a landing page or opt-in form), allows you to measure interest (number of sign ups, analytics, clicks, etc.), starts building excitement (woohoo!) that something new is coming, and allows you to start building a targeted interest list of people that are telling you they want this (which will help with email segmentation + your actual launch). 

Examples of a pre-launch or pre-doors open waiting list:

get more sales with a waiting list for your nutrition business





2. Provide regular, valuable, non-salesy content

This is where you build that KLT factor (which stands for know, like, trust – the holy grail of successful marketing). Follow a give, give, give, ask model for the content you’re putting out there, with lots of emphasis on the “give” – this is where you show people how much you know and how they can relate to YOU specifically. Get them thinking about what will happen if they don’t make that change or take that next step.

Give, give, give, ask really just means you’re providing more value than straight sales.

Examples of “give” content: blog posts, thought-provoking questions, questioning “norms”/common beliefs/myths, recipes, Instagram stories, quotes, humor, knowledge, infographics, or facts.

Examples of “ask” content: join my group, join my list, download my freebie, book a call, make a purchase.


create know, like, trust factor as a registered dietitian






 3. Create an opt-in directly related to your offer.

Remember we’re in the ‘building our audience’ phase here too, so we want to capture email addresses so we can start to build a relationship before you ask for that sale. An opt-in directly related to the topic of your paid offer is key.

Examples: meal plan, grocery list, worksheet, resource library.

get people ready to buy your nutrition services




 4. Tease your program or service. 

Yup, talk about it now even (especially!) when they can’t buy it yet. Talk it up. Make them excited. Get them revved up! Let them know something is coming so they’ll be ready when you put it out there. Pull them into your inner circle. Getting them thinking. Challenge their thoughts and beliefs. Get them thinking about what will happen if they don’t take this next step with you.

Examples of where to tease: social media, blog posts, emails, etc.




Think of priming your audience to buy as creating a group of raving fans. You’ve given them valuable content, useful tools, and an advocate that understands them. They can’t wait to invest in your launch, sale, or service because they’ve already gained so much from you and trust that what you have for them is gold.


Creating a successful launch (whether it’s for your services or a product) has so many moving pieces. Do your due diligence by priming your audience for the sale BEFORE you ask them for it – it’s worth the extra time!

Following the four steps above will prime your ideal client to be ready to press that BUY NOW button when you give it to them.


Need even more support getting your audience ready to buy? Learn more about The Society here, where successful RD entrepreneurs share their struggles, wins, and tips each day.

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